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You wake up in the morning and look in the mirror. Pleased with your appearance? If you more resemble the appearance of a long distance marathon runner than a world class sprinter, don’t worry, you aren't alone. You just need to start following these weight lifting rules. There are quite a few guys who simply have trouble packing on the lean muscle mass. Whether their hormonal environment isn't quite as favourable or genetics was just out to get them at birth, one thing is for sure and that's that they need to follow a slightly different set of weight lifting methods than those who seem to grow muscle overnight.Luckily for you,... read full article


Weight Lifting Rules For Skinny Runts

protein after every workout, should always do the trick


Weight Lifting Rules For Skinny Runts

Good article Vince. I agree with Steff: PROTEIN. Before and after ever workout and on days off too!


Weight Lifting Rules For Skinny Runts

It sucks being a hard gainer. But the whole compound sets approach worked for me. Squats and deadlifts were the dreaded duo for me until I saw the results :)


Weight Lifting Rules For Skinny Runts

Protein and weights...no longer will sand be kicked in my face at the beach


Weight Lifting Rules For Skinny Runts

So if 10-12 sets per workout MAX, you are looking at say 8 sets per workout. This obviously appeals to a beginner, to someone with experience its just silly.


Weight Lifting Rules For Skinny Runts

Obviously appeals to a beginner? I'd imagine it appeals to "Weight Lifting Rules For Skinny Runts" oh it's there in the TITLE. Did you read this article? Did you think about it? Good article there Vince, I agree wholeheartedly. Next up "Kitchen Rules For Skinny Runts"?


Weight Lifting Rules For Skinny Runts

So how come to get from 65 to 80kgs i needed 4x55min gym sessions? And when i cut down, i lost weight. By the way i viewed your presentation - its embarassing. Franky i thought Frank articles were of higher quality, maybe i assumed wrong.

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