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Creamy, delicious, and authentic meals.   Enjoy a mouthwatering Italian style meal without the hassle of cooking from scratch with the new Wattie’s® Creamy Pasta Spirals. Made from authentic ingredients, these meals are available in four delicious flavours and ready to eat in just two minutes. The innovative Foil FreshTM packaging means that you can stash it away in your pantry or work drawer for a tasty meal at any time. The full range is available at supermarkets nationwide at around $4.19. Getfrank has 12 prize packs with all four flavours to giveaway. To enter let's hear your all-time favorite snack recipe below.This competition... read full article


Wattie's® Pasta Spirals

marmite and cottage cheese on toast, yeah I know what you're thinking but I like it


Wattie's® Pasta Spirals

Salada Crackers, Perfectly sliced cheese, Tomato chuckney. Healthy & Beeeeautiful!


Wattie's® Pasta Spirals

Mashed Egg,Mayo and Ham on toasted Pita Pockets... Simple yet sooo freaking good!


Wattie's® Pasta Spirals

Just plain ol cheese on toast


Wattie's® Pasta Spirals

Excessive amounts of Milo , blended in a milkshake maker with icecream and milk. With vanilla wine biscuits with marshmellows melted in the middle. NOM NOM!


Wattie's® Pasta Spirals

toast, sliced tomatoes with cheese and grill a little.


Wattie's® Pasta Spirals

Canned Tuna mixed well with Mayo and balsamic vinegar with abit of black cracked pepper served on toast with meleted butter and topped with Watties Tomato Sauce!!


Wattie's® Pasta Spirals

Buns with chips inside them. mmmmm


Wattie's® Pasta Spirals

Toasted sandwiches with sandwiche ham, cheese and tomato relish.


Wattie's® Pasta Spirals

cooked pasta tossed in the sealord tuna sensations (sweet chilli) yum yum

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