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In a full-throttle assault on the senses, Wanted tells the tale of one overlooked nobody’s transformation from ordinary to extraordinary.“From the opening scene to the final few minutes, Wanted is a white-knuckle ride with bending bullets, a car chase that'll blow your mind, and one of the most spectacular train crash/fight scenes ever put on film.” - Rebecca Murray, about.comBe prepared for action from go to whoa when Wanted releases on DVD and Blu-ray on December 17th.This competition is now closed. Our current competitions are to your right.  Get Frank has 5 Wanted DVD's to giveaway, to place your stake drop in a youtube... read full article


Wanted DVD's

Here it is... [video]x0PB-yiUP2s[/video]


Wanted DVD's

Gone in 60seconds! Love that car. [video]sJYtZsySuns[/video]


Wanted DVD's

Gotta love the nifty driving from The Transporter [video]OQv-9bnPM3Y[/video]


Wanted DVD's

matrix [video]qVYExSMR55U[/video]


Wanted DVD's

Crazy americans [video]TNd0_ctaOSk[/video]


Wanted DVD's

This has to be the one !!!!!!!!!!!! [video]Z-7IEPTAoTg[/video]


Wanted DVD's



Wanted DVD's

transformers [video]pDewqo91vbs[/video]


Wanted DVD's

This is a funny one.


Wanted DVD's

Hope it works this time. It's a funny one [video]Fw3391SiKRk[/video]


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