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The Wanganui District Council (Prohibition of Gang Insignia) Bill passed its third reading tonight, 62-59, with ACT splitting its vote (Hide voting with rednecks Garrett and Boscawen to ensure National had the numbers regardless of what Peter Dunne did). So, in a couple of days time, Michael Laws will be able to dictate what people wear in Wanganui, and fine them $2,000 if they refuse to conform to his fashion sense. (Anyone able to hack Dead Kennedys lyrics? "Wanganui Über Alles" has a nice ring to it...) As for Hide, he justified his sudden swing to fashion fascism with this: "The wearing of a patch on your jacket is intimidation of law-abiding... read full article


Wanganui's Gang Insignia Bill

Not sure why this blogger chose to attack Rodney Hide especially. The Wanganui thing is nothing to do with him. The good thing was that he Party allows its Memebers the right to vote as they feel. Not forced to block vote as in the main Parties.


Wanganui's Gang Insignia Bill

The real issue here is that Wanganui has got desperate to find some ways of limiting Gang involvement in their town. The Police do the best they can with the resources and powers given. But clearly thus is not achieving the controls needed. The involvement of these gangs in drug supply and promotion is the real scurge. When we read of the heartbreak and broken lives from drug use. The people of all sectors of the community who have been ravaged by drugs. The high profile names, some yet again in the past week. The anger and bitterness of the parents towards those who have encouraged and supplied the means. What Wanganui is trying to do is small fry really, but commendable enough. What the country needs os serious focus by Politicians, Police, Social Services and the community on reducing drug abuse.


Wanganui's Gang Insignia Bill

It's kind of like banning hoodies from the mall, isn't it really? Just a superficial solution to a broader problem.


Wanganui's Gang Insignia Bill

Yes you are right Mike. But perhaps better than nothing. The hoodie gives its wearer a feeling of security because his face is partly obscured. The gang patch I guess gives the guy a strong feeling of "belonging" and of the power of the mob. So removing both does eat away a little at their ability to hide. The public will not feel quite as intimidated.


Wanganui's Gang Insignia Bill

Regular people are intimidated by gang insignia. Someone with their face obscured by a hoodie you could also argue is somewhat intimidating to some. The public should not have to ever feel intimidated by others, hence ban gang patches. Hoodies I admit, is more of a grey area, but gang members seem to be able to openly flout the law, this is one simple step to making it harder for them to boast about it.

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