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Calling all biscuit lovers… Griffin’s is on a nationwide hunt to find out exactly what New Zealand’s Favourite Griffin’s Bikkie is – so grab a cuppa, reach for the biscuit tin and cast your vote. For the third year running, Griffin’s wants to find the best bikkie of them all. With delicious family favourites like ToffeePops, Squiggles, Gingernuts, MallowPuffs all in the running – picking a favourite may not be easy! Those wanting to support their favourite bikkie should visit www.favegriffins.co.nz, or the Griffin’s Facebook page, to cast their vote. To make it all the sweeter, one lucky voter will win a... read full article


yes please 100s and 1000s


Im a fan of "GingerNuts" myself


Ginger nuts every time.

The ginger nut. Who would have thought that this innocent looking morsel could have helped to bring down the greatest empire known to mankind.
Gingiber Lamnia was a condition which affected wealthy young men in Rome. The main symptom was a red, itchy patch around the genitals. If untreated it could lead to insanity and possible death.
In occupied Gaul the medical condition was openly mocked by the warlike tribes. They even gave the name to a biscuit which they regular ate before battle. Ginger nuts became a symbol of rebellion. To eat a ginger nut was to rub salt in the wounds of the Roman masters.
In 444 Attila the Hun saw his first ginger nut. It ultimately led to the invasion of Italy, although Attila stopped before he reached Rome. Historians now think that he had finished the whole packet.
Gradually the Gingiber Lamnia condition worsened in Rome. Aetius, who had fought Atilla was murdered by Valentianian, who was suffering from extreme ginger nuts, in 454. The Vandals then sacked Rome, bringing with them a fresh supply of ginger nuts.
The ginger nut rapidly spread throughout the empire, which crumbled just like the biscuit. As a symbol of rebellion, it proved extremely powerful. As a supplement to a nice cup of tea it was just as effective.
These days the ginger nut is the subject of small boys' jokes, but we should remember how the ginger nut once stood up to the might of Rome.


Krispie biscuits all the way


Gingernuts get my vote, love dunking them yummy!!


Gingernuts - no bikkies tastes quite the same as Griffins Gingernuts!


Choc Chip cookies for me!


Toffee Pops definitely get my vote.


Toffee Pops Originals.
I really like the others too but Toffee Pops have chocolate & caramel & there I'm afraid I go weak!


So many tasty biscuits to chose from! Griffins have an awesome selection.

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