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It's that time of year again... The the days are long and hot, and I've got my first sunburn. Thank God the Mayans were wrong, and 2012 has not seen the end of us (though I may be a little premature with my celebration). It's also time to start looking back and reflecting on the music released this year, and choosing the top albums. I know you all love end-of-year best of lists, and I'd be very grateful if you could lend a hand in helping me crown the champions. In order to help you remember the music released this year, I've included a list of some of 2012's more critically acclaimed albums. Obviously there's many great... read full article


Vote for the Best Albums of 2012

I have to admit to not having heard of all of these albums... Therefore, I'll go with Fun - Sum Nights, but now I have a heap of music too look up on Spotify and listen to!

blackseeds summertime tunes


...There are just to many to name, including great home grown music, a wonderful thing to have, a lot of wonderful music to listen to over summer.,....


Well...being an "older" gentleman, I'll have to go with Bob Dylan and Jack White. But where are all the METAL albums ? Critically disclaimed I suppose.


Kendrick Lamar - good kid, m.A.A.d city Dude is fairly new to the game but he's killing it right now.


Bob Dylan - Tempest I'de have to say that's my favourite

...awesome...that is all!


for me its a toss up of fun or lana del ray..........im gona have to pick .......jack white though


Frank Ocean's channel ORANGE, I thought stood out for me.


Bob Dylan


Lana Del Rey - Born to die...she would've made one helluva "Bond Girl".


Fun, Some nights :)


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