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Slide into Spring-time early and treat yourself to an all natural VnC Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail. This tantalizingly juicy new drink is one of six flavours on offer in the new VnC Cocktails range and comes available in a convenient 1 litre bottle.  The new Strawberry Daiquiri blend has been perfected by award winning mixologists and features only the finest 100% natural juices and more importantly no artificial colours, preservatives or additives.  VnC’s award-winning cocktails are a unique new “bartender in a bottle” concept, designed by a bunch of innovative Kiwi’s who saw an opportunity to combine fresh all natural... read full article


VnC Cocktails

best cocktail in Miami.. made out of every possible thing Ive heard of.. knocked me out


VnC Cocktails

Tequila sunrise


VnC Cocktails

Unfortunately for me I have never had a cocktail...Talk about sad. I guess thats what happens when you live in good ole Invers, pmsl.


VnC Cocktails

daiquiri-is great


VnC Cocktails

A MEaculpa Miagi Mule - a worked moscow mule - with cucumber, mint, lime, and wasabi in there with all the vodka etc etc. Absolutely brilliant! Tried making at home - WAY too much wasabi had tragic results!


VnC Cocktails

Flaming Lambourghini... now thats something that will see you driving the big white porcelain bus!!! 1 shot kahlua 1 shot Bailey's Irish Cream 1 shot Blue Curacao 1 shot sambuca matches Method: combine/ layer Baileys and blue curacao, and also khalua and sambuca separately...light up the sambuca shot, and chase down one with the other, then dial-a-driver ;) Be close to an available toilet... and dont say "ah this is piss..." (and DO NOT have another just to prove you're "the man")- now i bet you WILL want to have it... well, go ahead, but make sure you're not driving, seriously!


VnC Cocktails

Well, you've got to quite a long way to beat a nice Big jug of Sangria, lots of ice and a couple of dashes of brandy for good measure. Here comes the summer of Sangria.


VnC Cocktails

Best cocktail is called a rosebud (not manly name i know) and motel in wellington make the best ones!!


VnC Cocktails

A Gingerbread man. Involves CC and ginger liqueur. mm mmmm


VnC Cocktails

At Hayman Island resort.. In the bar after an hard day relaxing I had this Espresso Martini. Ok so it's a dirty Martini for the purists but was one of the smoothest ones I'd had to drink. Love the floating coffee beans


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