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Slide into Spring-time early and treat yourself to an all natural VnC Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail. This tantalizingly juicy new drink is one of six flavours on offer in the new VnC Cocktails range and comes available in a convenient 1 litre bottle.  The new Strawberry Daiquiri blend has been perfected by award winning mixologists and features only the finest 100% natural juices and more importantly no artificial colours, preservatives or additives.  VnC’s award-winning cocktails are a unique new “bartender in a bottle” concept, designed by a bunch of innovative Kiwi’s who saw an opportunity to combine fresh all natural... read full article


VnC Cocktails

When in sydney last year I had a banana/feijoa Daiquiri mad with fresh fruit. Best tasting cocktail I've ever had!


VnC Cocktails

Best one of recent memory was called a "Green Alien": Midori, lemon juice, lime juice, lemonade and Soda Water - Yum!


VnC Cocktails

Fav cocktail would have to be the funky monkey just like a chocolate milkshake only boozy


VnC Cocktails

Give me a raspberry margarita, a plate of spicy nachos and a Mexican sunset - cheers!


VnC Cocktails

Keep it simple - apple martini - clear and crisp


VnC Cocktails

memories are made of the good old Fluffy Duck - advocaat, creme de caco and lemonade - I remember drinking it when I was in my teens and even now it brings back memories!


VnC Cocktails

Back when we were in our first year at Otago Uni, my friend and I used to hitch to Queenstown each weekend in the ski season. We befriended the bar staff at Chico's and one night they agreed to let us create a cocktail and if all the barstaff liked it, we were allowed to get a free carafe whenever we arrived there. We called it The Bogan Eliminator - Baileys, Kahlua, Cointreau and Tia Maria... with ice. All the staff loved it and they stuck to their word. Hopefuly it still is up there, somewhere in a Cocktail book!


VnC Cocktails

Kea Shit, secret mountain recipe. Only to be had with friends and a dash of snow


VnC Cocktails

Sex On The Beach In Hawaii a very pleasant way to spend the day or evening ;-) [video]fRSobhLDUEI[/video]


VnC Cocktails

Long island ice tea - the best ever!


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