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Slide into Spring-time early and treat yourself to an all natural VnC Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail. This tantalizingly juicy new drink is one of six flavours on offer in the new VnC Cocktails range and comes available in a convenient 1 litre bottle.  The new Strawberry Daiquiri blend has been perfected by award winning mixologists and features only the finest 100% natural juices and more importantly no artificial colours, preservatives or additives.  VnC’s award-winning cocktails are a unique new “bartender in a bottle” concept, designed by a bunch of innovative Kiwi’s who saw an opportunity to combine fresh all natural... read full article


VnC Cocktails

Best cocktail I had was in London, it was the mix of all the possible drinks I can think of, and all I know is that one of that knocked me out for days.. whoaa!!! LOL.


VnC Cocktails

Its another tequila sunrise Starin slowly cross the sky, said goodbye He was just a hired hand Workin on the dreams he planned to try The days go by Evry night when the sun goes down Just another lonely boy in town And shes out runnin round She wasnt just another woman And I couldnt keep from comin on Its been so long Oh, and its a hollow feelin when It comes down to dealin friends It never ends Take another shot of courage Wonder why the right words never come You just get numb Its another tequila sunrise,this old world Still looks the same, Another frame, mm... Great drink and a classic song from the Eagles


VnC Cocktails

Not quite sure what is was but there was mint in it which made it rele good, some tripe sec and vodka too


VnC Cocktails

Has to be a Long Island Iced Tea which is a highball made with, among other ingredients, vodka, gin, tequila, and rum. A popular version mixes equal parts vodka, gin, tequila, rum and triple sec with 1 1/2 parts sour mix and a splash of cola.


VnC Cocktails

The best cocktail I have ever had is always rocket fuel, a mix of everything and anything on offer. Doesn't necessarily taste great but does the intended damage.


VnC Cocktails

Tall glass of pimms, lots of ice, lemonade/gingerale mix on a hot summer day with orange and strawberries YUM.


VnC Cocktails

Long Island Ice Tea! is that a cocktail? Well, sure did the job. In combo with three day bender in the Greek Islands. Life will never be the same!


VnC Cocktails

definately something simple... cant beat the taste of a campari spritz


VnC Cocktails

apple martini,without a doubt...and no,im not gay..


VnC Cocktails

Long island ice teas on the beach on a greek island watching the sun go down before heading into town for a night out

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