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It would seem that nowadays there are a lot of options for vegetarians. Meatless alternatives seem to abound everywhere, from the neighborhood deli, to the sushi shop, to the hamburger joint. The hamburger joint? Yes, you heard correctly. With the introduction of several brands of meatless “burgers,” vegetarians can brave the very den of carnivorous pleasure. Once viewed as an eccentric oddity, vegetarians have moved from the fringe to the mainstream. However, the truth is, all too often the meatless menu option isn’t vegetarian at all…it’s just a menu item, minus the meat. Unfortunately, a white hoagie bun topped with iceberg... read full article


Vegetarians at the BBQ

Interesting article - its not just vegetarians that want choices other than meat at the barbie - it's healthy to eat heaps of vegetables and I have to say barbecued veges are fabulous.


Vegetarians at the BBQ

My girlfriend is a vegeterain (thankfully not a vegan!) and I probably eat less meat nowadays than I use to. I feel better for it and as mentioned vegeterians are a growing 'trend' so the more optiosn for them the better. Some very good tips above that I will have to remember thanks.


Vegetarians at the BBQ

Watch out - some vegos freak out if you cook their food on the same BBQ as the meat. Better to cook their stuff first before the grill gets covered in blood and fat :P


Vegetarians at the BBQ

Vegetarian meals are great, at a recent bbq cooked up some vegetarian meals instead of the usual sausages and steak, was great and everybody loved it! I feel we already eat way to much meat as a whole!


Vegetarians at the BBQ

I hate the thought of the word. I'm a growing young lad. A man needs meat! (preferably medium rare) End of Conversation [video]jLB8UB7rlY0[/video]


Vegetarians at the BBQ

Vegetarians at a BBQ are like chicks at the cricket, you always need to put in EXTRA effort just so they have a good time.


Vegetarians at the BBQ

I've been vegan for the last 14 years, I agree it's important to have a seperate cleaned barbeque grill if vegetarians were to eat from it...I was lacto/ovo vegetarian before going vegan but it didn't suit me. Don't hassle vegetarians..I grew up on a farm, around a fishing & huntinng enviroment.. my grandfather was a butcher too.. I (and my brother) just think we made a better choice. A good tip for barbeques is just sweetcorn on the cob left to cook in its leaves... And don't be offended if your vegetarian guest won't eat meat substitutes, many of us ate tofu dogs etc when first becoming vegetarian but the taste & texture is too similar to what we register as animal flesh. Some grilled falafel..(even cooked on a clean pan inside the house) will make even the fussiest of us stoked that you went to the effort! Another tip.. don't add over the counter dressings to salads, and if you want egg & cheese in them...keep it in a seperate dish to add for other guests :)


Vegetarians at the BBQ

Another tip is to check if they eat seafood - I know quite a few vegos who do. This gives you a ton of other options


Vegetarians at the BBQ

Thanks for such fabulous ideas! I have lots of vegetarian friends that I have to cater for.


Vegetarians at the BBQ

What?! Cleaning the bbq after cooking meat and before cooking the veggies??? If you're going to be that pedantic, bring your own friggin' bbq!!! I don't think you should have to cater for vegetarians! If they don't like what you're putting on, then they should be bringing something in for themselves! In the words of my old head chef "Everything on the menu is vegetarian, sweetheart, just eat around the meat!"

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