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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Weirdly enough at a funeral..


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

at work.


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

I met her in a nightclub. Her friend wanted to dance so I danced with both of them until the slow number came on - then the friend was gone and it was just the two of us.


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

I was at a world conference in Amsterdam representing NZ. Decided to make a last min dash to do some shopping. Took the tram to the centre, a girl got on and since no one else did I offered her my seat - smiled at her as i got off at the next stop.
>Later in the day I decided to take the train to the airport as opposed to a cab - was sitting by the door and on hopped the same girl. She beamed a big smile at me as she saw me. We spoke a bit and wen we got to the airport realised we were both late for our flights and said our goodbyes.
>Finally managed to find my gate and just as I was about t check in - someone tapped on my shoulder and it was the same girl again - turns out her gate was beside mine!!!!
Chance encounters 3 times in the same afternoon!!Decided it was fate - exchanged numbers, 6 months later we are now living together in Europe.


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

At a traffic signal. I was changing a lamp and she was pushing the button under me. Was love at first sight.... Yeeeah!


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

In town and together ever since


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

I went to a cafe with my flatmates, she was working there and knew one of my mates. I tried to be funny and seriously crashed and burned, strangely she took pity on me.


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

FATE searching thru Trade & Exchange for possible jobs i found one that i wanted to apply for, my big fingers must have slipped on the dial because i got the wrong number, the voice that answered immediately struck me so i quickly mumbled out that i felt a rather odd connection to her and if she wanted she could give me a call. I hung up expecting she thought i was crazy (i thought i must have been) but the next day she returned my call saying how she felt it too. We now 5 years of have a gorgeous son. Thank God for fat fingers!


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

I was told by afriend to give this woman a call as she had a leaking roof.
I fixed the leak and then she asked me to do some wok on her kitchen while she was away at a friends wedding in another part of the country.
I met her brother who was staying with her and thought they were together. So job done, no interest at all from me or her! A week later I'm going to checkout and there she was, hi you she said, you left some tools at my house. I didn't realsie (TRUE) this, so I said I will pick them up tomorrow so you put the jug on. Here we are a year later and both very happy. Roof dosen't leak either....


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Was staying at a mates place on Waiheke in the middle of winter, i had jumped drunkenly in the pool and decided a hot shower was in order. The main bathroom in the house also ensuited to one of the bedrooms where she was staying. I had locked the main door but not noticed the bedroom one - she walked in, i freaked, she laughed, i frantically tried to explain that the pool was freezing, she laughed some more and that was that.


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