Discussing :: Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

I went to my mates party and we where celebrating his b'day and i saw a hot girl in a spa pool and it just kicked on from there lol :)


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Met at a nightclub.


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

I played touch with her for 2 years and we had the same friends yet we were the only two that hadn't been introduced (weird)..had a touch party and just hit it off, the rest is written in history!!


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Wine tasting... need i say more?


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

met in a bar. Why is it I wouldn't even buy a home appliance while drunk - yet we all choose our partners while off our faces?


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Met her in the supermarket where I worked, she was with someone I knew so we were introduced, the rest is history.


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Online! Haha, woot!


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

I met her at my brothers wedding


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

through a friend of mine, and then we've just been with each other since


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Catching a bus last Christmas down the West Coast in the South Island. Spoke to her twin sister and was introduced to her. Went the rest of the way around the South Island with her.


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