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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

We met through friends and have now been married for 6 years and have 2 kids.


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

We were first together when we were 14 young silly relationships, we stayed friends for the next 8 years then got together again when I was 22. Now been together 3 years


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

At the first dance at our first year at University.


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

She text my phone number by mistake (Which I still can't believe till this day) asking how my night was going.. I met her that week for a drink and we've been together for over 2 years now :) XOXOX Love you baby XOXOX


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Met my g/f on ICQ (remember that?), when you were 14 you'd ask your friends for contacts. The trusty 'a/s/l?' was used and it went from there.


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

A friend invited me and a friend to the movies to meet a couple of girls that were mates of his. So we splashed on our Brut, put on our best black jeans and a short sleeve shirt, combed our mullets and off we went. I was gobsmacked at how beautiful she was (and after almost 14 years of marriage.....i'm still gobsmacked at how beautiful she is). the rest as they say....is history


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

We met as teenagers and hung out/on for a couple of years. We never really got it together as a couple because she wouldn't sleep with me (didn't realise she would have if we WERE a couple) She was blubbering about me when I was at a party with another chick. A guy comforted her. She married him. She divorced him. 15 years after we first met we ran into each other again and haven't let go of her since *wipes tear*


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

i met my fiance at my x's house i was having an affair and fell in love.


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Met at a party at a mate's flat. All of my amigos were dressed to impressed. I turned up late, carrying a motley assortment of beers in a ripped Warehouse shopping bag, wearing a blue Spaceman Candy shirt, grimy Tui jandals and a pair of 2005 Wests Tigers stubbies. She randomly abused me on the flat's deck then got drunk and forgot the whole episode and we had a perfectly amicable chat later in the evening!


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Picking up our respective children from primary school, M and I arrived at the school hall, and were sent to another class to collect our kids. It was bucketing down, so I offered my umbrella. Damn this woman was hot! especially with the wet t-shirt look... Got M's number, we dated two days later, and the rest is history. Awww - how sweet lol

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