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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

At school in 5th form 1995. I worked the smooth moves on her and it worked. We still together and have a 2 year old son Noah and are engaged.


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

We met in a french class during uni. I asked her out after our first evening together and have been happily together for the last 3 years. :)


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

At a house party in West Auckland. She was helping me throw up into a bush while my half naked mate had an arm around her proclaiming how we would always look after her.
Ive been with her for 3 and a half years now.


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Andrew thinks it all started when we were drinking and avoiding our naked friends that had taken over the town fountain (no arrests thank god), however secretly I had been pining over him for weeks...


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

We first met at a toga party. She noticed me when someone lifted up my sheet to reveal mustard coloured underwear. Works every time. lol
She rang my flatmate a few weeks later asking if he knew anybody who could escort her to a twenty first.


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

she emotionally abused my brother. we had a lot in common.


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Well, she was my flat mate; three guys 1 girl. There was a rule, "you don't ..... the crew" more precise "No one may try it on the new girl flatmate, but if she try's it on you, then its OK" Well 18 months later after becoming good friends (and always fancying her), one night she knocked on my door, saying she couldn't sleep.... well you can guess the rest. 9 Years on, engaged for 3, got 3 cats, 1 dog, 1 turtle, and 30 fish and a house.... so the wedding will have to wait on Lotto.


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

We met in 2005 at the beach, was a awesome day and walked over to her and her mates (made easier after a few drinks) and been together ever since, been long distance for a few years with her studying in wellington and me training to be a pilot..Has been hard but have had some awesome times traveled through south east asia last year and at the end of this year when we both have finished studying we are planning on traveling through eastern europe.


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

HAHA...she stalked me for a while....in person & on the internet...then we started dating...


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

At school I preposed and I was turned down. Went back home 10 years later and was successful


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