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V’s latest invention V Graphite is here and Get Frank has trays to giveaway to two lucky readers! V Graphite not only contains loads of guarana, caffeine and double the hit of taurine but has the addition of Peruvian Maca - the latest secret weapon to help annihilate low energy levels. The Inca Warriors devoured this stuff for epic strength in battle. So take note. It’s definitely going to give you the balls to deal with anything life throws at you. (…and guys, just between us, Maca is known for its performance enhancing properties in the bedroom too. It’s not called nature’s Viagra for nothing!) Crank up your energy... read full article


V graphite giveaway

Imagine how interesting the game will be now,down at the golf course!!!! Go hard. . . go V!!!!


Sounds Delish! Really want to try these.


it's mine


Always needed before a game of rugby


i only tried V for the first time recently, i wondered why my kids raved about it, it was so good, i just crave some more, so yes please, would be thrilled to receive this on my doorstep.


U cant bet V for the best get up and go on the market, have tried others but am a loyal die hard for it...


U cant bet V for the best get up and go on the market, have tried others but am a loyal die hard for it... look forward to trying the new Graphite, neat name by the way.


I am in need of energy, just taken over manager role and last Twat.....I mean boss left things in such shit condition for me to rescue........this would keep me up for the long days/night ahead and for the gym after :)


Love this new V, was a pity to see black v go but graphite is a welcome addition to the range


V is my favourite energy drink... this new Graphite looks appealing. Yum!


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