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More than a thousand years before the events of the original Underworld, two races of preternatural beings came into being, each springing from the bloodlines of a different son of the original Immortal, Alexander Corvinus. Vampires, arising from the Markus line, became elegant, aristocratic, cunning blood drinkers. Werewolves, from the William line, became savage beasts, with no trace of humanity left - and an insatiable appetite for violence. The Vampires came to dominate the local region – the wild lands in what is now western Hungary - with their superior intelligence, strength, and political skill. But even they feared the werewolves, who,... read full article


Underworld Movie Tickets

fight for fishy [video]tKH2oLjQIAA[/video]


Underworld Movie Tickets

Terminator Vs T1000 [video]HWz8AeB9nnc[/video]


Underworld Movie Tickets

ajust the funiest


Underworld Movie Tickets

Football Factory...classic movie. Despite being Liverpool thought it was great and 10 times better than Green St Hooligans as Frodo ain't hard enough to beat my 4 year old girl up. [video]YO2DRjLuXOg[/video]


Underworld Movie Tickets

This is my fav movie battle scene from the 5th Element. The blue alien sings while Leeloo beats up aliens. Great moves, great music! [video]mkJuOh7vhrg[/video]


Underworld Movie Tickets

Definately has to be Uma Thurman in kill bill fighting Gogo


Underworld Movie Tickets

How do you get better and more pure in a fight than with the master himself Bruce Lee and his legendary protege Chuck Norris?!? [video]JLO1YIWQuXE[/video]


Underworld Movie Tickets

The car chase from the movie Terminator 3. [video]e-9syDCi4oE[/video]


Underworld Movie Tickets

Lord of the Rings [video]lfrYkpa3770[/video]


Underworld Movie Tickets

funny as [video]IALJXP8LaS4[/video]


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