Discussing :: Underwhelming 2nd BDO Announcement

The Big Day Out marketing team begins their second announcement with this: "For the record, 2011 was by far the biggest ever first announcement." This is meant to soften the blow of what is frankly a very disappointing second lineup. I won't keep you waiting any longer; here is the second official Big Day Out announcement for 2011: Overseas acts: Matt & Kim, Sia, The Greenhornes, Black Milk, Anna Lunoe, Washington, The Vines Local acts: The Phoenix Foundation, Computers Want Me Dead, Mt Eden Dubstep, Knives At Noon, Luger Boa, Bang Bang Eche, Kody & Bic, The Unfaithful Ways, Surf City, Tommy Ill, Grayson Gilmour, Aural Trash, Harry The Bastard,... read full article


Underwhelming 2nd BDO Announcement

Hey there, I'm a bit late on this...but I largely agree. I attended the first one over here in NZ in 1994 and I may be a touch nostalgic, but i believe that was the best lineup we've seen. Nowadays it's all a little mainstream for me, believe it or not, and I prefer something like Laneway. Cheers!


Underwhelming 2nd BDO Announcement

It's kinda tricky catering for all musical tastes with events as large as this, good to see a lot of not-so-well-known acts in there, gives them a chance to be exposed to a larger audience. The line-up could be better and it could be worse, but any way you look at it, it will still be a great concert.


Underwhelming 2nd BDO Announcement

I'm oddly kind of relieved that the second lineup has nothing for me. The first lineup was sooooo good that i'm very concerned about the timetable clashes, if there were anymore good bands i would be assured to have to make some rough decisions!


Underwhelming 2nd BDO Announcement

Big Day Out!!!!! woooooooooooaaah GUD EXPERIENCE!! XX


Underwhelming 2nd BDO Announcement

I agree, who needs a 2nd (or 3rd for that matter) announcement after the heavy-hitting, grand slam, shit-your-pants 1st announcement. You had me at Tool...


Underwhelming 2nd BDO Announcement

I must be so out of the loop with music because I dont recognize over half of these bands! I love music and listen it all the time but because most of it's on the radio I never hear who's playing what. I went to a gig in Wellington a few years ago with some friends of mine. I recognised the name of the band but didnt know what songs they played until I got there and knew most of them. Love the remix's of the old songs that are comeing out now haha but wouldnt be able to tell you who plays them though! :-)


Underwhelming 2nd BDO Announcement

I wish I could have gone to the BDO 2011. Unfortunately no money and no time, maybe next year.


I so hope to go to BDO this year, everything about it, is gonna be awesome!



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