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Whiskey is a drink in which many people love to indulge. Attracted to all sorts, people find themselves filling up their flasks, ordering another round, and telling bottles that they are their water of life. Whiskey, quite simply, is among the most lavish of liquors: ordering a glass always raises the bar. Yet, there are some people who have never tried whiskey, some unfortunate souls who frequently indulge in only tequila or vodka. It's not these peoples' faults, we must not go after them in some sort of Whiskey Rebellion. Whiskey, instead, is to blame: after all, this is one drink that is intimidating to the novice. Not only does whiskey demand a... read full article


Types of whiskey

What do you call a drugged up Prime Minister? - Jun-Kie (John Key) Absolutely no relevance to whiskey whatsoever.....


Types of whiskey

my very scottish grandfathers flu cure was to go to bed with a bottle of scotch and a big bag of lemons. you sip on the scotch to make you feel better, and throw the lemons at anyone who tries to get you out of bed before you're good and damn well ready to get up... ;)


Types of whiskey

Woodford Reserve!!!! My son's surname is Woodford! wouldn't it be awesome to win a bottle to give to him on his 21st!!!!


Types of whiskey

Was at a party the other night and was amazed that people would spend good money for scotch whiskey and add Coke to it!! I was taught from an early age that good Scotch was sipped straight, on ice, a little water, or if your ulcers were bothering you at little milk was OK. Scotch with Coke is a pure waste!!


Types of whiskey

I used to work in a hotel,and I had a few older men who tipples with whiskey.When one of them passed away we all had to have a compulsory shot or two of his favourite.So now every time I see whiskey it reminds me of him and our happier times at the hotel


Types of whiskey

"I love to drink" .. you knw whn ppl say tht, " i like a drink as much as the nxt man " not if im the nxt man, you dnt :D


Types of whiskey

i'm from Hutt Valley, which is the bogan capital in Wellington so American whiskey, Steinies, dirty girls, rock music, V8's and big dogs are hugely popular. Good article but can wait for part 2.


Types of whiskey

got stuck into some Jamesons the other nite with a mate, neat. I wasn't so neat by the end of the nite...yummy whiskeys though.


Types of whiskey

I always feel guilty for not drinking whisky on the rocks, but just can't do it. Just doesn't look cool enough Tastes fantastic with a mix though. Especially the expensive whiskey's - but then I just feel like more of a schmuck, enjoying a great drink.


Jamiesons Whiskey is a good drop. I'd love to get some more expensive Whiskeys but with the way I drink there is no point! I'd be broke in no time.

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