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Whiskey is a drink in which many people love to indulge. Attracted to all sorts, people find themselves filling up their flasks, ordering another round, and telling bottles that they are their water of life. Whiskey, quite simply, is among the most lavish of liquors: ordering a glass always raises the bar. Yet, there are some people who have never tried whiskey, some unfortunate souls who frequently indulge in only tequila or vodka. It's not these peoples' faults, we must not go after them in some sort of Whiskey Rebellion. Whiskey, instead, is to blame: after all, this is one drink that is intimidating to the novice. Not only does whiskey demand a... read full article


Types of whiskey

Awesome article, should do a similar one on GOOD brands of these types available in NZ ... As I know there is a lot of terrible whiskey around and that could also contribute to the lack of drinkers ... Also maybe which ones are better on the rocks and which aren't ... Just a thought :-)


Types of whiskey

Jack Daniels :) Maybe something on the different brands of whiskey?


Types of whiskey

I recently tried this single malt made in NZ http://www.nzmaltwhisky.co.nz/history.php Apart from the fact it's a truly awesome drop the site offers some great history on Whiskey to compliment this article.


Types of whiskey

i really do enjoy whiskey's and have had my fair share of flavours and labels my tipple of the moment is a 12 yr bottle of Stronachie original single malt.. this has a Smokey and peppery taste to it.. which is absolutely delicious when drunk neat. bought this from the whisky shop in Auckland city. the main guy there really knows his stuff and can easily recommend a tasty drop for your needs. www.whiskyshop.co.nz

I agree........I was chatting with Sam from the Whisky Shop this week and he was a huge help. He has turned me on to some good (new) stuff. Namely, Ardbeg's new release: Corryvreckan.
They really know their stuff down there. I highly recommend a stop in:).

I believe the Scots drink Whisky and the Irish Whiskey. I'd recommend anything from Bushmills.


Types of whiskey

I've always wondered about Whisky - now i'm a little more clued up - thanks!


Types of whiskey

Look forward to the article on Candian whisky. I lived there for a few years and they know how to make a pure drop :)


Types of whiskey

there are so many types of whisky yummo!!!!!!!!!


Types of whiskey

Whisky is a drink best served chilled! Absolutely the best.


Types of whiskey

Bottoms up


Types of whiskey

Who would have believed there were so many different types of whisky? And so little time to try them all!

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