Discussing :: Two flags, two peoples, a divided nation

New Zealand has a lot to be proud of but there are some aspects of life ‘down under’ that we would prefer not to mention. Near the top of that list is racism. Racism is alive and well in New Zealand. That is, anti-white racism of the sort recently made public by a Member of Parliament. In claiming that ‘Whities’ had been ripping off Maori for centuries, MP Hone Harawira exposed the underlying attitude that drives the Maori sovereignty movement - along with its beneficiaries the Treaty of Waitangi gravy train and indeed the Maori Party itself. This undercurrent of anti-white racism has existed for years but remains one of those truths... read full article


Two flags, two peoples, a divided nation

Reading this blog just angers me...
And no to maori flag, i say we change the flag to the iconic silver fern as a way forward any way!


Two flags, two peoples, a divided nation

One flag - two flags - three flags....what practical difference would it make. If the truth be known, many patriotic NZers probably wouldn't immediately tell the NZ flag from the Australian. As for the implication that flying the Maori flag will somehow entrench separatist (or worse) tendencies, what nonsense. Attitudes to, and understandings of, flags or other icons change over time.
Does Hone Harawira exemplify a contemporary trend of anti-white racism? Probably not. But there's no doubt that his sense of grievance for past and present inequities is real and justifiable.
What Maori are achieving within the Treaty Settlement process is exactly as legitimate under the prevailing dispensation as corporations, interest groups and other organised bodies in the ongoing scramble for NZ's economic and other resources. The current popularity of the National-led government indicates that most people polled have no trouble with this.
We don't need to decide which path NZ goes down. There are many avenues, and simplifying the options to one or other of two doesn't advance the debate.
Treaty and other settlements need not be regarded as full and final. That they should be is an odd proposition when it is considered that they stem from the same body of law which caters generously for such things as judicial and other reviews, contract renegotiations, the consumer guarantees act and Accident Compensation. Nz is a litigious society - nothing is set in concrete.
One could go on and on...but basically, these shoddy think-pieces masquerading as the results of careful research from NZCPR do little to assist anything like productive debate.

I hear what your saying & all it is, is blah blah blah...suck the money from hard working tax-payers so some & ONLY some of the local iwi can get rich. NZ needs to move forward, not hand yet more money to an undeserving minority.


Two flags, two peoples, a divided nation

I agree with all this. As far as im concerned, we are all New Zealanders who should be treated as equals no matter what colour we are or who our ancestors are. Over the years society has changed, the people then are not the people of now, and we should continue the fight for EQUAL RIGHTS for all man great and small.


Two flags, two peoples, a divided nation

as recent arrivals to New Zealand, we looked forward to celebrating your national day, Waitangi Day, only to be bitterly disappointed to realise it is not a day for unity and celebration of your nation's identity, but a bitch fest of complaints against the European New Zealanders. Coming from the UK where political correctness has come to mean that if you are white you are a racist, New Zealand Aoteroa needs to celebrate its diversity and learn to live with one another, acknowledging that both Maori and 'pakeha' have equal rights. That's 'equal' rights, not one group with superior rights over the other.


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