Discussing :: Tribalism vs democracy

New Zealand is at a crossroad between tribalism and democracy. The Maori tribal elite, backed by the Maori Party - and now the National Party - are gaining momentum, pushing the country towards a future where corporate iwi will control our key institutions and resources. read full article


Tribalism vs democracy

What a load of scaremongering sensationalist crap. The writer has no concept of living outside of her white middle class life. I bet she can't sleep at night worrying about the 'brown man in a skirt' coming to eat her children.


Tribalism vs democracy

Her points are valid and there is strong evidence to suggest that New Zealands laws based on the Treaty do undermine Human Rights Laws, of course this is based on dominant white cultural beliefs about democracy. It would be interesting to consider separating Maori Tribes and New Zealand Government into separate nations much like that of the Vatican in Italy. Its not the brown man in a skirt im worried about, but the lack of critical and open debate where racism isn't used like duck tape.


Tribalism vs democracy

Aaaaargh!!! I don't know how after so many eons of civilisation we can continue to segregate and define ourselves by our ethnic heritage and to formulate laws accordingly. Is our luck-of-the-draw gene pool really the only worthy factor of birthright? What about other attributes - trustworthiness, intelligence, charisma? Where do us 'inbreds' stand in all of this? Do we draw a line through ourselves, nominate the spleen as 'Scottish', the lungs as 'Maori' and the feet as 'of other ethnic origin'? We are PEOPLE. PEOPLE. Hutia te rito o te harakeke, kei hea te komako e ko e. Whatataerangitia, tirohia ki uta, tirohia ki tai. A, uia mai ki ahau. He aha te mea nui o te ao? Maku e ki atu, he tangata, he tangata, he tangata...


Tribalism vs democracy

We are Kiwi's. We should be standing together instead of fighting each other. Imagine how strong this country could be if only we would work together. Where is the equality?


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