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Getfrank is giving some lucky guy the chance to treat their sweetheart this Valentines Day to Spa Ayurda’s Valentines Day Package – let us pamper her with a customised Ayurda facial and a relaxing therapeutic massage and then spoil her with an Ayurda 100% natural face moisturiser to take home - a value of $285! She’ll LOVE it! Visit our website for other Valentines Day ideas www.spaayurda.co.nz.  Gift vouchers are available. Conveniently located in the heart of Ponsonby, Auckland. Plenty of parking available for our guests. Package is valid until 30 June 2012. Advanced booking is required. This package is not redeemable for cash or... read full article


Treat your sweetheart this Valentines day

All throughout her pregnancy and after the birth of our beautiful daughter 10months ago, my wife has been yearning of a decent facial & massage but with two teenagers, a baby and studies in the mix, she never gets a chance. I would love to surprise her with this prize!


I was going to write about how amazing my girlfriend is and how I would love for her to win this prize, but seriously, how am I supposed to top what New Member wrote? Hope your wife enjoys the spa day, bro!


I think my wife deserves some pampering from Spa Ayurda because she just had a baby.


I think that my mother deserves this pampering because she raised three children on her own with no money.


My mum deserves this pampering pack. When I was pregnant with my baby she was there with me every step of the way, she was with me when I was in labour and I'm so thankful for that. Valentines day is actually the birthday of my granddad (her dad) he's in heaven now and she misses him dearly so it would be nice for her to have a relaxing day to think about him


My sweetheart loves spa & this would be divine


My wife would appreciate the spa because I accidentally turned her into a goat once. It wasn't really my fault: Harry Potter was on TV and I was practicing my ‘Wingardium Leviosa’ using the vacuum cleaner handle as a wand. Anyway, I must have mispronounced it (it’s “Levio-sa” not “Leviosa”) and next thing you know: goat-wife. She’s all better now but a little tense it the shoulders.


My partner and I have a long distance relationship (200 miles apart) and she's raising her two daughters alone. At times I can hear the exhaustion in her voice when talking to her over the phone and I would just love her to be able to pamper herself for once.


My girl friend does not deserve this, but it may get me a bj

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