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How to make Tortilas with chicken IngredientsTo make the tortilas:2 cups flour1 tsp baking powder1/8 cup corn oil1/4 saltFor fillings:2 cups shredded cabbagepepper4 tbsp mayonnaise4 pieces baked chicken-shredded taco hot sauce8 slices of cheddar cheeseFor omelet:6 eggs4 tbsp chopped chivessaltProcedure1. To make the tortilas, mix altogether and knead to a soft dough. Leave to rest for an hour.2. Divide dough into 8 pieces. Roll each piece onto a floured board to a paper thin sheet.3, place it on a medium heat grill and cook on both side for less than a min. Keep warm.4. Mix mayonnaise with cabbage. For omelet beat the eggs with chive and salt and divide... read full article


Tortilas with chicken

Yum! Would be great with some garlic Aioli or Honey mustard too!


Tortilas with chicken

Yummy. I am sure i can make this and serve it as my family dinner tonight


Tortilas with chicken

Way nice


Tortilas with chicken

Yummy!!! I just love anything with chicken in it.


Tortilas with chicken

I'll tell you what, those Mexicans invented the simplest, tasties, spiciest but messiest cuisine in the world. I love my tortillas and Nachoes but always always spill fillings on myself.


Tortilas with chicken

This looks so tasty even my extremely fuddy grandchildren would eat these - and if they leave some on their plates I am sure Granddaddy won't mind finishing it off for them. *evil laugh*. Good way to get Cabbage into them! - I'll replace the hot sauce with BBQ for them though!!!


Tortilas with chicken

*fussy - not fuddy.


Tortilas with chicken

Great recipe! Kids would love this. We make taco's now and then but this would be a nice change. My kids love being apart of making the prepareing the dinner and with these sort of meals they get to put it all together how they like up the table too. Awesum recipe, will be having this one for tea tonight! :-)


Tortilas with chicken

Great recipe and may give it a try, I better WRAP this up, opps for the lame pun but I really had no place left ta-co.


Tortilas with chicken

Haven't tried it like this before so i'll be sure to give it a go :)


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