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It’s official, winter is HERE. Time for fun in our kiwi sub antartic weather… and as such a proud sporting nation there are literally HUNDREDS of sporting opportunities to relax in the freezer and get plastered in pursuit of the your alcohol blanket. Trouble is, many of these venues don’t provide alcohol.. at a reasonable price - I mean let’s be honest, getting hammered is probably the only legal way to enjoy a kid’s sporting event/Jack Johnson concert/romantic picnic. The places that DO serve expect you to pony up at least $10 for a sorry little cup of watered-down beer. It’s enough to make a respectable drunkard sit... read full article


Does the wine rack come as unisex?


where can I purchase one of theses?


Nothing beats the ol' flask


Figures the first sport they try to make less boring by being drunk at is golf..... how about a tennis racket? or a billiard cue? shuttlecock shots?


My favorite is rum and coke in a coke bottle :)


I want a pair of the Binoculars...Just Awesome!


Old trick for rock concerts- inject oranges with tequila- lots of tequila.


pour some jim beam honey in them yeah


These are quality.. Just when you thought the humble flask down the front of your pants will work, along comes the Barnocular & Beer belly. Ideas for next years 7's me thinks..


man these are awesome i have some designing ahead of me


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