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If you’ve ever watched the movie 9 ½ weeks then you’ll already know that combining food with sex can be an extremely stimulating experience. It’s creates both a sensual and fun atmosphere. Below are my top five foods for the bedroom and unlike the scene in 9 ½ weeks there are no pasta spirals, cough medicine or jalapenos in sight! Smooth ChocolateChocolate stimulates feel good endorphins and feels great on the skin. But before you try to coat you or your lover with a microwaved Dairy Milk, consider chocolate body paint. It’s less sticky and won’t harden into a crusty mess before you’ve had time to lick it off.... read full article


Top Five Bedroom Foods

Hot Shots.. nuff said :D [video]_fqc4sKIxrs[/video]


Top Five Bedroom Foods

you forgot to mention meat pies....yum.


Top Five Bedroom Foods

interesting and dirty


Top Five Bedroom Foods

Champagne is lovely...Chocolate too, but be careful with the ice if you are using it. See the video [video]XPJSgWTi2MQ[/video]


Top Five Bedroom Foods

strawberries and champagne. requires some coordination, but it's hard to go wrong otherwise.


Top Five Bedroom Foods

Whole roast turkey, Mr Bean style.


Top Five Bedroom Foods

haha mr bean well done


Top Five Bedroom Foods

Don't forget the animal antics...Kinky is with a Feather, Erotic is with the whole damn chicken :-)


Top Five Bedroom Foods

Well that gives a whole new meaning to, "Feed me Seymour!"


Top Five Bedroom Foods

I wouldn't use any food that's too drippy. Imagine the wet patch, and that's before anything's even started.


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