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Over time beers come and go due to many reasons. A lot of it these days is that everyone wants to drink international style lagers (or should I say drinking brands) that are bland and boring. So I thought I would come up with six beers that I would like to try again once, now that they are not available anymore.1. Kiwi Lager - New Zealand's lost lager. The one that could have become our nations signature beer. DB had to stop making Kiwi Lager as part of their deal to start production of Heineken. Thanks Heineken.2. Malt Mac - this was the most interesting beer to come out of Mac's. It was made with peated malt so had a big peaty scotch whisky taste,... read full article


The NZ micro brewery scene is booming, so don't waste too much time mourning the loss of a few beers (Kiwi Lager?!). Best of the batch in my opinion are the beers produced by the Towsend Brewery in Nelson, their IPA is sublime.


Luke is incredibly knowledgeable on this subject and great to read about some extinct kiwi beers. Would love to have more craft beer articles featured on Get Frank. It seems the higher percentage beers (7%) readily shy away from the mainstream but I would definitely love if the big players in brewing produced more hoppy, unique beers that were available in supermarkets. Epic Pale Ale has that market locked down for now!


Tui - the only real Tui is that which comes from Mangatainoka, near Pahiatua. This is the home of the Tui girls. What about Rheineck - drank it when I was a teenager - terrible beer! Speights - great beer but remember it when I was a child when they first started putting it in cans - it used to have sediment.


How about Harley's, from Nelson, or even Taranaki Bitter. ( not that bad if you could keep the first one down )


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