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Over time beers come and go due to many reasons. A lot of it these days is that everyone wants to drink international style lagers (or should I say drinking brands) that are bland and boring. So I thought I would come up with six beers that I would like to try again once, now that they are not available anymore.1. Kiwi Lager - New Zealand's lost lager. The one that could have become our nations signature beer. DB had to stop making Kiwi Lager as part of their deal to start production of Heineken. Thanks Heineken.2. Malt Mac - this was the most interesting beer to come out of Mac's. It was made with peated malt so had a big peaty scotch whisky taste,... read full article


What a shame Kiwi Lager got dropped. Maybe it would have been the beer of the Rugby World Cup 2011 instead of Heineken. It would have been a fantastic way to tie in with the All Blacks and New Zealand when all the overseas visitors come. A what a great tasting beer to boot. Yeah thanks alot Heineken!!!!!


Yep, the Monteiths Lager is the old Kiwi Lager recipe


So sad...they are all missed (apart from the Dopplebock)


For me the beer is all about the reward of a cold beverage after mowing the lawns or cooking on the BBQ- when the time is right there isn't really a bad beer is there ?


Kiwi Lager was a great beer. I have fond memories of drinking it at BBQ's and talking shit! They should bring it back for sure.


Is it any good in baking....I know, girl think!


Sometimes there is a damn good reason that beers end up "lost"....most of those beers listed can happily stay lost!


Current favourite lagers would have to be Steinlager Pure and Monteiths Golden. Beautiful.


Couldn't agree more in regard to your comment about the blandness of what many New Zealanders have been led to believe is a high-class, flavoursome beer, for example the Heinekens and Steinlagers that frequent every liquor outlet. And such a shame that the former pushed out a real home-grown beauty with Kiwi Lager. I really feel like the only hope for any type of decent New Zealand beers to succeed in the current climate is with craft brewing, but then again, that's a different topic entirely!


hmmm didnt know DB produces Heineken beer... wonder how that works since they are competitors...??

While its not true that these two beers are direct competitors because they occupy two different market segments (say small town NZ vs Euro style), this is how the two big breweries get so far ahead, with all the licensed brewing they do for other brands it doesn't matter which beer you buy off the shelf it all goes into the same pocket.


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