Discussing :: Top 6: Lost Kiwi Beers

Over time beers come and go due to many reasons. A lot of it these days is that everyone wants to drink international style lagers (or should I say drinking brands) that are bland and boring. So I thought I would come up with six beers that I would like to try again once, now that they are not available anymore.1. Kiwi Lager - New Zealand's lost lager. The one that could have become our nations signature beer. DB had to stop making Kiwi Lager as part of their deal to start production of Heineken. Thanks Heineken.2. Malt Mac - this was the most interesting beer to come out of Mac's. It was made with peated malt so had a big peaty scotch whisky taste,... read full article


Top 6: Lost Kiwi Beers

And yet there are other beers like NZ Lager which should be extinct due to their bland flavour. It's definately not one I would morn the loss of. Having said that, why is Steinlager still around? It should have gone the way of Reineck.


Top 6: Lost Kiwi Beers

I agree with the above, the new Monteith's Lager is almost exactly a replica of the Kiwi Lager of old. Well to my taste buds anyway...


Top 6: Lost Kiwi Beers

I sadly never tried Kiwi Lager.. BRING IT BACK!! I did like the Dopplebock though. Monteiths are still my favourite range of beers (followed closely by Emersons).


Top 6: Lost Kiwi Beers

The 7% Monteith's Dopplebock was my favourite beer, I believe if it had been marketed well it would have been phenomenally successful!


Top 6: Lost Kiwi Beers

@earlyriser, i agree completely. Steinlager is not a nice beer. Good memories of Leopard. And Tui, the original, not the current one brewed with Auckland water.


Top 6: Lost Kiwi Beers

The Pilsner is a great drop, why limit production? Why cant bars have a variety of beers to choose rather than the common few that mainstream drinkers enjoy.


Top 6: Lost Kiwi Beers

Bring back KIWI LAGER! I miss it!


Top 6: Lost Kiwi Beers

Leopard Strong Beer (came in red cans) was a favourite in the late 70"s when I was a teen. It's a pity DB brewed Heineken, the taste has never even matched the true yeasty flavour that was of the imported batches around the early 80's.


Top 6: Lost Kiwi Beers

Got a full unopened bottle of Leopard Continental Lager siting on my desk actually, if you want to try it!


I miss Leopard. Am a yank and first encountered Leopard at a Pizza joint in Kodiak Alaska. They had a very extensive collection of beers which over several years worked my way through. Two stand out in memory, Tooth and Leopard. Throughout the years I have looked for these with no joy. So sorry to hear they are both gone.


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