Discussing :: Top 3 cities in South Africa

While South Africa is dotted with a number of urban centers, there can be little doubt that the top three SA cities are Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town. Each of these cities has a unique character that draws different types of people - see which one appeals the most to you! Johannesburg / Jo’burg / Jozi For young, vibey, fast-paced living. Jozi city center from the skyThe pulsing city with a heart of pure gold, Johannesburg is known as Egoli (place of gold), Jo’burg, and today also carries the trendy name of Jozi.A relatively young city, Jo’burg traces its modern history back to 1886 when it sprang up as a gold-rush shanty town.Today this... read full article


Top 3 cities in South Africa

Sun City... although not really a city - but that's a must visit for anyone heading South Africa. Mind blowing oasis in the middle of the desert - they hold Miss World, World Strongest Man competitions there all the time.


Top 3 cities in South Africa

ahh yes. don't forget to do Stellenbosch or visit Clifton beach when in cape town. i believe that is my old school in the joburg photo!


Top 3 cities in South Africa

great looking places to visit however if I hear one of those vuvuvella's I'll go postal! hehehe


Top 3 cities in South Africa

I keep hearing bad stuff about the crime in South Africa...and that's from the Yarpies. I could handle Sun City though


Top 3 cities in South Africa

Oh I have always wanted to visit Johannesburg. You don't hear much about it, but it sounds like an amazing place to visit, and people come back with such amazing stories to tell...


Top 3 cities in South Africa

You forgot Browns Bay, that's becoming a major South African city!


Top 3 cities in South Africa

Being an ex patriot on South Africa all I can say is go and experience the beauty of the country, it is very safe especially in the LOST CITY at SunCity.Awesome place to stay.Go and Enjoy. If you can go and explore the beautiful sites in and around Cape Town the most beautiful City in the World !!!!


Top 3 cities in South Africa

Don't forget to do the World's Highest Bungee jump at Blaukrans (Blue canyon). 216m of pure adrenalin!!!


Top 3 cities in South Africa

would love to go to SA, my partner is from SA (moved here over 2 years ago).


Top 3 cities in South Africa

I've been lukcy enough to go too both Jo'burg and Cape Town (next trip plan on Durban being a place to stop). Cape Town blew me away, especially the Tabletop Mt view...spectacular! A must see for all. Jo-burg - wanted more time to explore, enjoyed the hussle and bussle.


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