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How to make Tomatoes tart Ingredients Dough: 80 grams of rye flour100 grams of wheat flour60 grams of cold butterpinch of salt5-6 tablespoons of butter milk Filling: 700 grams of red and yellow tomatoes300 ml of cream2 eggs2 tablespoons of dried herbs (oregano, basil, mint)pinch of salt1 teaspoon of nutmeg Procedure: 1. Knead flour with butter till the butter is equally mixed with flour without big butter chunks. 2. Add buttermilk to knead uniformed dough. Do not prolong it, too much warm emitted by your hands may spoil shortcrust pastry. 3. Place it in a fridge for minimum 30 min. 4. Meanwhile, wash tomatoes, slice them and place in colander to remove... read full article


Tomatoes tart

Looks really good but too labour intensive. Need a wife to make them for me ...lol


This sounds like such an easy recipe, I love trying out new things especially when I they're things I already have the ingrediants for. This would be a real hit in our house. I was going to make a Quiche for my Mum for Mothers Day but I might have to try this out instead. Thankyou, great recipe.


This looks delicious. Nice and easy, perfect for a university student on a lowwwwwwwwwww budget :) I wonder if the rye and wheat flour could be substituted for normal flour? Maybe im going crazy...but ive never heard of yellow tomatoes! ... or are those just the ones that are not completly ripe yet. Good thing with this recipe is that you can easily substitute stuff in...some capsicum and mushrooms would be nice ;) and maybe even some feta cheese! MMMMMMMMMMMM


This is divine, the inclusion of nutmeg is what gives it that extra zing


I'll swap this for my balsamic tomato recipe.


Balsamic tomato recipe sounds gooood. Love balsamic.


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