Discussing :: Tiger Woods: I'm Deeply Sorry

In a live televised statement, Tiger Woods says he is 'deeply sorry' for irresponsible and selfish behavior. read full article


Tiger Woods: I'm Deeply Sorry

Tiger's real apology to Elin won't come in the form of words or actions, it'll come in the form of a $500mil cheque.


Tiger Woods: I'm Deeply Sorry

C"MOOOOOONE!!!.. that 'apology' was jut so liddle ol' tiger can get his sponsors on-line again!.. .a PRESS CONFERANCE for an apology? pfft!.. apology's aren't well rehearsed media farces's's's.. they SHOULD come from the heart, in the moment and without restraint!.. bollocks to the apology!!! who th farrk CARES anyway?.. this shit happens AAALLLL the time..everyday, every hour!.. just cos a few camera's up his arse he's gotta play the "i'm a sick sick sex addict" card, that's hollywood fer ya!.. every OTHER man just has ta suck it in and admit, if he truly cares to, that he's a man, and an oportunist..and a dick... and get on with the repricutions. seriously though he plays good golf..the end!


Tiger Woods: I'm Deeply Sorry

he only needed to apologise to his wife and family. I feel sorry for Elin the most. However he should have done it earlier.


Tiger Woods: I'm Deeply Sorry

shit he is only human! sex addictions a disease.... yea right.


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