Discussing :: Tiger Woods: I'm Deeply Sorry

In a live televised statement, Tiger Woods says he is 'deeply sorry' for irresponsible and selfish behavior. read full article


Tiger Woods: I'm Deeply Sorry

the obvious reason why he done it, is cuz he didnt love her. but it takes a man to apologise on national t.v

it takes a man to be honest, it should have been private, betwwen he and his misses..and he should have just admitted to being a typical man who couldn't help himself when chicks threw themselves at him.. and he would have known he had such impulses long ago.. why didn't he just tell her! 'cos he's a PUSSY! ..the apology was for the sponsors.. it was pretty frickn obvious..who's sets up a rehersed press junket to say sorry? ...a wanker!


Tiger Woods: I'm Deeply Sorry

yeah it takes a man to apologise on national/international tv but he aint a man hes a pimp!!! im sure he was really apologizing to all the ladies he hooked up with hahahaha

All in all he addressed every aspect of the entire situation and I thought extremely well.

I've never seen him appear so vulnerable. There are a lot of people who wanted to hear a lot more. There are a lot of people who wanted to ask questions. But this is a private citizen..


Tiger Woods: I'm Deeply Sorry

Who cares if he apologised to his sponsors fans etc... The only apology that matters is to his wife and kids, otherwise that apology he gave doesn't even matter... Half the people who know who tiger is have an opinion on him, and i'm sure like me he couldn't care what most of them think... He cheated on his wife... Sure not a very nice thing to do but that happens everyday somewhere in the world. Man if was Brett michaels from that stupid show rock of love, he'd be getting high fives all the way out the door... Funny that isn't it....


Tiger Woods: I'm Deeply Sorry

is he deeply sorry that he did it, or deeply sorry that he was caught?


Tiger Woods: I'm Deeply Sorry

Poor dude, I think his apology is very sincere, but too late! Shouldve stopped after the first time. Yes it takes a man to say sorry, but he would've been a real man to apologise after the first time. a big mess to clean up now with all the other relationships and its revelations! but then who am I to give such comments, I've havent been the perfect man also!


Tiger Woods: I'm Deeply Sorry

Can the man just hurry up and play golf already? I admire him because he's an amazing golfer, not because he's the model citizen. Move. On. Anyone have any suspicions about Federer? His wife isn't nearly as hot as Tigers......just sayin'

Yeah mate fully agree! Whenever the boys are watching the tennis and they cut to a shot of Fed's wife there are always comments and curious looks made.


Tiger Woods: I'm Deeply Sorry

Too little - too late - too hyped up in the media.


Tiger Woods: I'm Deeply Sorry

He was fairly honest about being so very wrong in what he did, and who he hurt the most. Afterwards, one of the "other" women, was talking to the press about how much she was hurt, and how she wanted a personal apology. I suppose she feels she was just an innocent bystander. She certainly knew he was married.


Tiger Woods: I'm Deeply Sorry

Who hoa ! This guy really blew it up altogether!! Thats what happens when fame hits to you in the head.. not all can sustain a clean name!


Tiger Woods: I'm Deeply Sorry

And hope its a lesson learned for all those inclined to it !

I'm just really glad I'm not famous and noone gives a hoot what I get up to!


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