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I wrote yesterday about the recent YMCA Raise Up N’ Represent in Auckland. In my speech I referenced a startup by three twenty-something guys in Dunedin, a city near the southern tip of New Zealand’s south island. If New Zealand is the Edge of the world, Dunedin is at the Edge of the Edge. And as I’ve written before, the Edge is not a liability. It’s premium territory, and co-founders Jason Leong, Francois Bondiguel, and James Wigglesworth demonstrate that. Together they developed a personal budgeting program called PocketSmith. There are many services that track your expenses and show your performance meeting budgets and the like.... read full article


Three Guys at the Edge of the World

I don't need no program to tell me I'm broke and the future is bleak! My bank account is evidence enough. p.s. I miss the days of "The House of Pain" more like "The House of Shame" these days, amirite?


Three Guys at the Edge of the World

Wow those three guys rock! Great things are from the edge of the world!


Three Guys at the Edge of the World

I love reading about guys like these, I aspire to stamp my name on the world and hearing stories like this provides a good boost in inspiration and further solidifies kiwi ingenuity in the global market. Great work lads!


Three Guys at the Edge of the World

When I was young (well, younger) I had the vision to write a forecast and actual expenses system, and do you know what came of that vision? ...Nothing! I don't tip my hat to these guys for their vision, but I do appreciate that they got off their butts and actually created what they saw. Good on them. They deserve the kudos!


Three Guys at the Edge of the World

Good on them for taking a risk! I Wish them the best.


Three Guys at the Edge of the World

Brilliant initiative and way to get something great out of the recession - a time when financial forecasting becomes an essential key to prosperity for so many. Kevin has named some of my favourites too! But Carisbrook be gone and look out for our new awesome stadium-to-be!!


Three Guys at the Edge of the World

I know that Kiwis can do anything witha piece of number 8 wire....but I personally find that number 7 wire provides just a little extra flexibility and is also a little cheaper.


Three Guys at the Edge of the World

net the faster way to get rich , lol


Three Guys at the Edge of the World

The terms "Edge of the world" and "Edge of the Edge" are redundant due to the internet.


Three Guys at the Edge of the World

It seems that a 'secret' to overnight success at the moment is via the ability an entrepreneur has to quickly create and maintain an on-line community. How to retain their attention span, which is quickly becoming shorter in duration is the .... Ooooh look a kitten video.

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