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"Things that get on my tits" A female reader has sent in the A to Z below of "things which get on her tits". I am informed it is in fact a group effort from the bored and grumpy employees of a certain Wellington workplace, which shall remain nameless. A. Absolutely. As in, people who say “absolutely” when what they really mean is “yes”. Hey, why use one syllable when you can use four? Are you a moron? Absolutely. B Beltway, inside the. This phrase is all very well in Washington DC, where it refers to the area literally inside the “beltway” of highways that encircles the central district occupied by politicians, state... read full article


Things that...

A weak attempt at humour, dwelling with an overdose of illogical sarcasm that didn't make its way to the glorious end! Sort of an anti climax!


Things that...

hmmm, disappointing from frank. one or two points were fair enough, the rest are just whiney and pathetic... NONE of it is funny or entertaining.


I think "T" should be "The person who wrote this".. Please get laid some time in the next decade and you might find that a lot of this stuff becomes a lot less annoying.. And FYI.. If you don't like a place to go to/shop at.. a program/sport on TV.. A person in the media.. Simple: Don't go to the place.. Change the channel.. dont read the articles.. But please.. PLEASE.. Stop whining!


Not very funny or witty, although I think Frank is not to blame here. The author is the one who attempted this unworthy piece of journalism (if it could be called that).


I saw a tasty burger and clicked the link.


For goodness sake! What's with all the haters?! Come here, to this article, read through it then have a whine to tell the author to stop whining??? I liked it - mind you, I read the title first so expected to find a list of things that would likely get on someone's "tits". I'll agree with the anti-climax - felt a bit more thought could have provided an answer for X and Z - was willing to accept X, but not having something for Z is cop out. I'm an IT guy and didn't even get offended by 'I' - too busy laughing at people in the office...


Well I loved it! Maybe it's just my juvenile sense of humour though?


Z could have been for the rebranding of Shell. The advertising is making out that their all about us, and we're going to be delighted by the changes ahead. Does this mean that we're going to see someone sell petrol at reduced prices? NO! But I guess we'll feel good about buying the petrol from a company that cares about us. Whatever that means!


50 bucks says that this woman is single. Things that get on her tits? Just an ugly bra that no man will see. She did raise some good points though, but it just ended up sounding whiney.


Sory i have a wife and get ranted at enough with out having to read one.


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