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If health came in a bottle, it would create mayhem at the local market. As people threw elbows and ran over one another with rabid shopping carts, bottles of health would fly off the shelves, secured in the clenched grip of hissing customers. People would push, shove, and use props - such as a crying child or a seeing-eye dog - to get their hands on this product. A bottle of health would be a best seller. While it might not be a bottle of health, per say, a bottle of wine is the next best thing.Those of us who are wine drinkers all know that red wine benefits the heart and white wine benefits the lungs. But, what we might not know is that the health... read full article


The Unsung Benefits of Wine

Gosh so many health benefits, wish I had known these when my Grandad was around, could have had a great old time! I think a drink or two of anything can be good for the soul, after a stressful day of work or kids ( love them but why do they have to pick at the little bit of wallpaper until its a big rip? ) A drink or two at night seems to calm my nerves, and keep me sane anyway. :-)


The Unsung Benefits of Wine

Oh I so want to believe Jennifer Jordan's tidings of joy - wine, the ultimate health tonic? Who'd have thought it?

However, if Jordan's (no doubt industry-sponsored) prose is a little hard to swallow - and I assume she is advocating that we all swallow our Sav and Merlot rather than spit - think of the benefit to the nation every time you screw the top off of an Oyster Bay or Church Road. Our economy positively depends on it.

There you go then. A bottle a day may not keep the Doctor away, but drinking it is helping to keep New Zealand Ltd in the black. How patriotic. Cheers!

spit, don't swallow


The Unsung Benefits of Wine

I hate it when your out and you have the best glass of wine but don't get to see the label to know what it is called and end up surfing the wine shelves for ages trying to find it again a good wine is unforggetable.


The Unsung Benefits of Wine

Tastes so good, it's gotta be good for ya :D


The Unsung Benefits of Wine

drink piss and smashbox!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Unsung Benefits of Wine

Imagine life withour wine! All the ponsoby snobbies, wont have anything to talk about!! hahahaha i love wine but Pinor Gries or Pinot Noir all the rest are rubbish


The Unsung Benefits of Wine

Or it could aggravate a liver problem on a long term basis... not to pop the pretty pink bubble or anything.


The Unsung Benefits of Wine

the most obvious benefit failed to appear in this article... the more wine you drink the better looking the opposite sex gets, it's magic!


The Unsung Benefits of Wine

Before you get TOO excited, this article does mention the word "moderate" four times. Moderate drinking, a concept seemingly alien to a large proportion of many New Zealanders, perhaps does have some health benefits. But looking for a positive spin on excessive drinking may be a bit of a long stretch, to say the least.


The Unsung Benefits of Wine

wow! if thats the truth i am going to get me a case of red & white wine to stock in my cupboards immediately! ;)

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