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The unasked question

Completely agree with the unasked question - however this has possibly stemmed from the more and more *usual* antics of the media to ignore/displace many of the gritty facts and figures that the general populous wouldnt completely understand; as the misunderstanding potentially leads to what is later percieved as a controversial article. I too give Ms Baker full credit for making something of an average kiwi lifestyle - it is more than 90% of kiwis will ever do. And lets face it, IRD would have been knocking on her door well before now if there was anything too inauspicious about her actions... tall poppie sydnrome perhaps?


The unasked question

I would like to congratulate Ms Baker on her acheivement. Being a landlord is not an easy matter. It takes time and money and taking risks to get to her position. This path is open to anyone who is willing to put the time into it. We do like to knock people who work hard and do well


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