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Of the hundreds of awesome activities that South Africa has on offer, probably the most popular activity on offer is Game Viewing. Game viewing on any of the many game reserves in South Africa provides an opportunity to see South African wild life in all their beauty in their natural habitat. On a self-drive expedition, with a guide, on horseback, on elephant back – whatever your preference, you’re assured of a memorable game viewing experience. Probably the most well known game viewing location in South Africa is the Kruger National Park. Home to South Africa’s Big 5, the Kruger National Park offers an incredible self-drive route through the... read full article


The Ultimate Wildlife Experience - Game Viewing In South Africa

Ever since I was a boy and watched the Lion King I have wanted to get to a Safari Park to see the Big Cats in action. So raw, primal and defintely "the Circle of Life!"


After my South African mate told me about the National Park and the stuff he saw and got up to there, I've been dying to go have a look for myself. Bit expensive to fly other there just for that though.


Wow, this experience would be a dream come true.


This is top of my bucket list - truly something that dreams are made of!


Wow! South Africa is definitely the most beautiful country in the world (Sorry NZ - and I am a Kiwi!!) ! This gorgeous land looks so pure and honest in its nature. I couldn't wish more to go and see it! It would be amazing to see that wildlife - hectares upon hectares of unspoiled wild splendour, and to actually breathe in that African air! Beautiful!


After a registry office wedding in Newcastle in the north of the UK, my parents flew to Mombassa for their honeymoon, a 2 month long safari in Kenya. Dad said he had a fantastic time, hunted lions and elephants... Mum said that the highlight of the experience for her was sitting on the balcony of the Treetops hotel and watching a waterbuffalo urinate for 15 minutes without stopping.
They divorced some years ago...


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