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Summer = sun, beer, music, parties, chilling, the boys, bikinis, and as little time indoors as possible. But what do we do with all this time outdoors? The below instalments will showcase the 10 ‘must do’ outdoor activities for Summer. Although Summer is all about going with the flow, a little bit of forethought is a great way to ensure you make the most out of your precious time off. 10) Paintball Shooting people is bad right? Wrong! Its ridiculously fun, especially when they are your mate who last night got a pub pash at Coroglen Tavern with the girl you were with last summer, S.O.B. Paintball is fantastic for unearthing any suppressed primal... read full article


The top ten outdoor must do's for Summer

So many great ideas, I truely believe people need to get out and experience life now and then. So many get caught up in everyday motions that they forget to have some fun. This morning I got up and had piles of washing to put away kids to feed and get dressed and even more housework to do. But instead I got the kids ready and we went to the pools and the park and had some fun, both are absolutely shattered now but they had alot of fun and so did I. Next week we may even go camping...


The top ten outdoor must do's for Summer

1 Slacklining, a new sport involving a special line tied between two trees, and low to the ground. basically like a tight rope, you may have seen them in parks, Have a go! Awesome ideas oin here aswell


The top ten outdoor must do's for Summer

Build your own flying fox like the Toyota ad. I find a strong coat hanger makes a great holder. Once it's completed have a competition to see who can go the furtherest on it - you don't need to be over water, you might just need more padding for the fall!!


The top ten outdoor must do's for Summer

trapezing off a hobie cat was the best fun i had in summer. feels like you're flying just above the water!


The top ten outdoor must do's for Summer

Skinny Dipping! Hot summer evenings, cool water, friends and a dare that's all it takes. And when one of you gets in, everybody follows.


The top ten outdoor must do's for Summer

We're doing No.8! Well kind, we're just doing some painting outside the house. Maybe I should mix 10.Paintball and 8. building something. That would make it fun :)


The top ten outdoor must do's for Summer

If you only do one outdoor activity this summer, make sure it's climbing a tree. Ok, so you think tree climbing is an activity best reserved for snotty-nosed 12 year old boys, with grazed knees – think again. There's no better way of recapturing the exhilaration and carefree-swagger of long-lost youth than climbing, branch-by-branch, far above the forest bed. Choose a breezy day (Wellington Botanic Garden in a Southerly would be perfect) to add that slight element of danger, as the branches buck and sway to create your own private rollercoaster. Go on try it this summer. If all goes well you'll feel refreshed, elated and closer to nature. At worst, you might graze your knee and embarrass the dog.


The top ten outdoor must do's for Summer

outdoor adventure.. woohoo, gotta be grab a towel, some food, fill the car with petrol and drive the coastline to find a 'secret spot' to have a picnic and enjoy exploring.. NZ has hundreds of 'secret spots' just waiting for the new adventurer to discover :-) that's where I'm heading.. give it a go


The top ten outdoor must do's for Summer

Extreme Seabiscuiting - I LOVE it....in fact I dare say I spent 90% of my summer doing it!


The top ten outdoor must do's for Summer

Cheap and easy, find a big grassy hill and a big piece of cardboard and slide down the hill on it! Spent hours doing this with my friends when I was a kid, so much fun! @kiwi Gas, love the tree idea, my boy was climbing a tree the other day, brought back so many memories.

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