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The 'Sort My S*** Out for Summer' Program

I have stopped smoking and basically no alchoal, and started excercising, with a fatty liver,..i'm going to give this tip a good go... lets hope it works .. cheers


The 'Sort My S*** Out for Summer' Program

Hay all, id take all this in, I have been training from Darrens programs this past year and his has helped me improve my fitness, size, shape and diet incredibly, not to mention my health, this guy knows his stuff and the workouts are really practical and great fun. Cheers mate


The 'Sort My S*** Out for Summer' Program

Sit ups aren't good for your lower back, there should be advice to let you know that. Better options are either crunches or isometric exercises like a plank or bridge. look them up and try them. also the ab exercises that involve moving your legs as well as you upper body work really well too.


The 'Sort My S*** Out for Summer' Program

James, Good stuff man! It's the old saying - one step at a time - but it's so very true. Be sure to tell your friends and family what you are doing, and how important it is to you. There's nothing worse than a mate thinking he's being a funny bugger by waving a drink or cigarette under your nose. Best of luck, and drop me an email if you need any help.


The 'Sort My S*** Out for Summer' Program

Adam, Thanks for the kind words! Glad you're getting some positive results.


The 'Sort My S*** Out for Summer' Program

natthehan, Thanks for what I'm sure is well intentioned advice, but this is why bullrush is being banned in schools. Situps are bad for your back.....only if you have major back issues. Bench Press is bad for your shoulders....only if you have rotator cuff issues, etc, etc. Obviously I can't supervise everyone who tries this workout, but I never offered to play Mum. Anyone with common sense will adapt the program to suit their ability, and/or get some advice at the gym (or drop me an email) to ensure technique is sound. Cheers PS - Good advice on the planks, but crunches are the biggest waste of time since reality TV.

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