Discussing :: The Problem with Weight Loss

The problem with weight loss is that your body will always do the opposite of what you are trying to achieve. A living organism, will always attempt to regulate its internal environment so as to maintain a stable, constant condition. This is called homeostasis. When you don't drink enough water in the short term for example; often the body retains water to balance things out. It attempts to maintain homeostasis by counteracting the stresses we put on it.  When you drink a lot of extra water - your body excretes more water to maintain balance. When we weight train -- we actually break down muscle tissue. And the body responds by building new... read full article


The Problem with Weight Loss

Its also important to note that merely 'eating less' will not help! Exercise is very important.


The Problem with Weight Loss

Totally agree George. But most experts agree that diet is 80% of the battle. You could consume 500 calories in a matter of minutes by drinking a 1.5 litre bottle of soft drink (which I see a lot of kids doing for breakfast these days...), but it would take at least 30-40 mins of HARD exercise to burn 500 calories. Much easier to skip the coke than hit the gym. Of course, both together are better.


The Problem with Weight Loss

I agree I don't know how many times I hear my friends blame it on missing exercise but don't really blame the crap they eat! It 80-90% what you put in your mouth! Its not rocket science its bloody hard work! Once you get into a rhythm of exercise your away!


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