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Lubricant is, by far, my top recommendation for couples looking to add a little twist to their sex routine. Many people go lube free because they are not sure they need it, but it can be used to provide all sorts of below-the-belt pleasure. So if you’re not already getting slippery between the sheets, read on to find out what the benefits of lubricant are, and how to choose the best one for you. If you think of personal lubricant as just a quick remedy for vaginal dryness then think again! Lube can help to maximise your pleasure during sex, while masturbating or playing with sex toys. It helps you to thrust harder with less discomfort for her,... read full article


The Lubricant Lowdown

Dear Sarah

How the trends have changed. I always followed the age old
"Smear the margarine on your member, the olive oil goes on her bum."


The Lubricant Lowdown

Really useful and informative. We've tried a few different products but, particularly the sex shops, have so many products to choose from it is hard to know which are best.

Try Astroglide Peter, sensational


The Lubricant Lowdown

Durex I have found dries up too quick but wet n wild aint to bad

Marc, try Astroglide, does not dry out like the rest and you can use less


The Lubricant Lowdown

my wife an i prefer the silicone based lubricants, they are so much better. it feels so much more smoother and wetter.

We use gun oil.


The Lubricant Lowdown

WARNING. Do not try motor oil. Or CRC for that matter. Trust me.


The Lubricant Lowdown

def worth a try . i don't recommend using deep heat or anything with menthol :S


The Lubricant Lowdown

Ooh Deep Heat. I feel you there man. I second this. Stay well, well away from anything that generates a deep muscular burning feeling...


The Lubricant Lowdown

i can recommend ky massage touch it works so well and gets warm and tingly which feels great.


The Lubricant Lowdown

Or for those of you who are caught out... there is always that tub of Margarine in the fridge!


The Lubricant Lowdown

Durex play excellent lube look out for the 1 litre refill packs at your local supermarket today.

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