Discussing :: The Kiwi blokes guide to hair care by leading trichologist Nigel Russell

Today men, from metrosexuals to even the most macho blokes are more interested than ever in looking after their appearance – especially their hair.  As a certified trichologist - a hair and scalp specialist – Nigel Russell is an expert at knowing how to help guys get the best out of their hair – from the dreaded thinning hair issues to dandruff.  He’ll also talk about which styling products will work best on male hair and why blokes shouldn’t be swiping their partners hair products (and it’s not just because they are too expensive to share!). Russell shares his top four secrets on the do’s and... read full article


The Kiwi blokes guide to hair care by leading trichologist Nigel Russell

This is really informative, great stuff guys

Yes this is good...!!!


i suffer from scalp dryness and it is not very nice


Interesting that dandruff comes from an oily scalp. I would of thought it was the other way round. Good thing there is a Holistic way to deal with it.


I get both dandruff and psoriasis and have a bit of hair loss, so this topic is of interest to me. Thanks for the informative article! I'll try get out in the sun more, look into the products that have been mentioned here and try cut back on my coffee intake. It's always great to hear about new products coming out from NZers.


An excellent article by Nigel.Without a doubt nutrition has a big play in the health of your hair and scalp. The use of aromatherapy, vitamins, especially B Vitamins and amino acids all very important to keep your system in top order


i suffer with dry scalp which is very embarrassing and ive spent a fortune on top of the range products. im currently using Paul Mitchell tea tree and still... no luck. i had alot of hair... once upon a time. i think with stress and my lifestyle and daily washes i lose alot of hair everyday and dont have much left. would love to try this product.


Interesting read, my hubby gets a dry scalp.


Selsun Blue or Head & Shoulders are about half the price of the products recommended here for dandruff.


Great article guys!!


Great read!


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