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30ml Chivas Regal 12 Year Old 10ml Kahlúa 10ml Lochan Ora Scotch Liqueur Method: Stir over ice in a short glass. Garnish with some fresh coffee beans. Fast Fact: Chivas Regal is New Zealand's favourite premium blended whisky. Founded in 1909 in Aberdeen, Scotland, the world's first, authentic luxury Scotch whisky is steeped in heritage and is renowned for its smoothness and honeyed, rich taste - the perfect accompaniment to celebrate Father's Day. read full article


The Father's Day Cocktail

Who'd have thought that Kahlua would go with Scotch? Might have to experiment on other combinations as well. Did you know that Glayva and Coke tastes like Dr Pepper? Easy to drink and quick to put you in a happy mood!


The Father's Day Cocktail

wow way to go this looks great.


The Father's Day Cocktail

Oh yum that sounds so good! Nothing better that having a nice drop late at night once the kids are finally asleep and you can sit back and relax. Have an adult conversation a drink or two and not have the droning sound of Barney in the background!


The Father's Day Cocktail

That sounds like a great drink. Chivas is nice and smooth to start with but this will give it a very silky taste


The Father's Day Cocktail

excellent blended whisky, have drunk a bit of this. He pai tēnei inu.


The Father's Day Cocktail

kahlua and wiskey-nice next time I'm behind the bar this is what I'm recomending. May even have one for stafies lol


The Father's Day Cocktail

oooooh looks nice! interesting mix too. I like the sound of putting coffee beans as a garnish! It would give off a nice fragrant smell! Kahlua and scotch seems like a weird mix?...but these days you can get Kahlua chocolates, biscuits and everything else!


The Father's Day Cocktail

There's just something else with Chivas Regal, its more than the Whisky itself, its the whole Chivas way of Life, the experience, look forward to it.


The Father's Day Cocktail

This may need to be tried before Father's Day - give it the taste test!!


The Father's Day Cocktail

I'm a big fan of bourbon and kahlua on ice - so this sounds superb - just exchanging the finest Tennessee Whisky with the finest blended Scotch whisky... I'd be tempted to throw a splash of vodka in on top too - sounds a bloody great way to relax and enjoy the end of a day.

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