Discussing :: The end of reasonableness

Huh. It turns out the government's proposed change on sick leave - allowing employers to demand proof from the first day that someone is sick - is already law. The difference? It requires the employer to have reasonable grounds to suspect that someone isn't really ill. So what National is demanding is that employers be allowed to do this on unreasonable grounds. This is neither fair nor reasonable - but its the common theme running through National's whole approach to employment law: removing the requirement for employers to treat people reasonably as human beings. Instead, National is shifting employment relations to a "grace and favour"... read full article


The end of reasonableness

My thinking is that a law change like this will not suddenly turn reasonable employers unreasonable. Nor will it turn unreasonable employees reasonable. But it may turn unreasonable employers even more unreasonable. What we really need here is a reasonably reasonable common sense approach where reasonability is well-reasoned and exercised within reason. Sound reasonable?


The end of reasonableness

I'm with Moose. Well played good sir.


The end of reasonableness

Think this is fair..Boo hoo i have a sniff or a runny nose..Harden the f**k up! If your vomiting or feverish, you'd take yourself to the Doctor's right!? Think today society is getting soft..


The end of reasonableness

I think this is ridiculous, I do understand it but I think it's unfair to expect a doctor's note from one day off! Who pays for it and who takes you to the doctor when you aren't well enough to get there yourself?!


The end of reasonableness

How many employers are going to bother paying for an employee to go to the doctor every time they call sick, its a waste of money for the employer, waste of time for the employee and waste of appointment space at the doctors. Epic fail!


The end of reasonableness

At the end of the day, the employer will fork out for the employee to see the doctor and get that piece of paper, so financially the employee won't be worse off... People who were actually sick, but didn't think they were sick enough to see a doctor, would get the medical attention. And people who were just pretending, well, they would find a way to get that medical cert regardless anyway. Just more bureaucracy, really!


The end of reasonableness



The end of reasonableness

The end result will be that you take your bugs to work and share them with everybody. A remmeber when the swine flu was around if you had a cold , your boss told you to stay home for a couple of day....those were the days.


The end of reasonableness

Alot more forward planing now about sick days. At my work during the soccer World Cup there were shit loads of sickies strangely when the big games were on.


The end of reasonableness

Arrgggghhhhh too much control...crazy, crazy times! And to think a lot of the world think we have it so good here - go figure!


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