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The Egg Guy’s 40 Second Omelette Ingredients 2 x Grade 7 eggs 1 Tbsp butter or margarine 2 Tbsp of water ¼ - ½ cup fillingSalt and pepper Method Beat eggs and water together until blended, adding salt and pepper to taste. In a 26cm non stickpan, heat butter or margarine until it sizzles - but not burnt. Pour in egg mixture. With an inverted spatula, pull the cooked portions of egg from the perimeter of the pan to thecentre so any uncooked egg can run into the cleared hot pan surface, tilting the pan and moving itas necessary to keep the egg shaped round on the bottom of the pan as you go. A bit like digginga hole, and then tipping the pan to... read full article


The Egg Guy’s 40 Second Omelette

Same recipe my daughters use (ages 5 and 10). Couldn't be easier. Yum!!


wow eezy peezy, I'm gona try this today!


this is cooking egg the artful way. it will always be a disaster the first time but don't fret, perfection comes with practise and who knows this technique will impress the ladies...who don't know how to cook!


I head to work 6:30AM in the mornings, and I tell you this is the best, quickest, most filling breakfast you can have when you're in a hurry... I mean, 40 seconds, what can possibly beat that?! And as a certified gym junky, you start off your day with a good dose of protein right there!


This looks like a better version of my fall-back quick meal. After a big work out or if the wife is away I tend to throw something like this together with whatever veges I can find in the fridge.


Totally amazing!!!! Quick and easy. I have to see if i can do it that quick and it turn out as presentable as that :)


if you want the healthy option don't use any butter, just a really well heat non stick pan.....though I can't stand using just egg whites....but I make sure that the omelette is well beaten and add some nice veges and a bit of chilli or curry paste to give it a bit of kick and if I really want to indulge add some sliced wedges of avacardo and fold half over to cover....its yum and good for you....

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