Discussing :: The dark underbelly of welfare

According to Saturday’s Herald, the co-leader of the Maori Party, Pita Sharples, is trying to save a Black Power gang house from being demolished by the city council because it caters for the "spiritual and cultural needs" of Maori. He claimed that the Mt Wellington property - which had been the Black Power headquarters and hub of a $1.5 million cannabis ring before being seized and sold under the Proceeds of Crime Act – was sometimes used as a marae.[1]   read full article


The dark underbelly of welfare

Politians love to lean on the welfare system to either try and get votes or diss other parties!?!? Do they really care about these people or our country??? or looking out for themselves???


The dark underbelly of welfare

Yes I do think the Welfare system is in need of reform. However Key and co need to realise the part time work jobs they want DPB peopleto do just aren't available. For example look how many people applied for those supermarket jobs in Auckland.


The dark underbelly of welfare

when I worked for Social Welfare back in 1998 they wanted to reform it then. sorry but I don't think it's going to happen


The dark underbelly of welfare

The only time sharples has his snout in the trough is when theres $$$ involved. Maybe sharples is looking to join black power? Or is black power synonymous to the maori party?


The dark underbelly of welfare

"spiritual and cultural needs" of Maori..I'm sorry but you can't be serious! that is a reason that this "DRUG house" can't be destroyed - how many lives has it destroyed? ask him that!!!


The dark underbelly of welfare

Sieze the house and donate it to the Womens' Refuge. One of the main problems with getting people off benefits is the idea that if they give some people a little bit more money for busfare, lunch etc., about say $40/week to train at something useful like basic computing (NOT how to be a rapper or grafitti 'artist' for chrissake!) and towards encouraging REAL training toward employment then they'd HAVE to give everyone else the same...WHY? Incidentally, life on a benefit is NOT easy, not anymore, not for a long time.


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