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"The Cabin in the Woods" may be the most difficult film to review this year. Every angle one wishes to discuss is an instant invitation for providing spoilers, even of the inadvertent variety, and yet this is one special cinematic experience that viewers would be wise to know as little about as possible walking in. The smashing directorial debut of Drew Goddard (writer of 2008's "Cloverfield" and TV's "Lost") and respective brainchild of he and co-scribe Joss Whedon (2000's "Titan A.E."), the film audaciously, at times awe-inspiringly, subverts, toys with and tramples upon every cliché and expectation that typically comes with a ... read full article


The Cabin in the Woods

Not sure I like scary movies (I get nightmares haha), but this could be good.


This sounds like a good movie. A little bit different than your usual horror movie which is a good thing. Also I like the freaky Rubick's Cube house on the poster!


It was an AWESOME horror flick! If you get a chance to see it. Do so. Starts off a little slow then by the 3rd act it KILLS! Haha!


Overrated in my opinion just like The Avengers and from the same guy.


just reading the review has made me curious about this film, and i think i would like to see it, scarey movies are great, get the adrenalin running,so yep hope to go and see it now


This review has definitely been the deciding factor, I will watch it! Love myself a good scare!!!!!


I was suprised with this movie thought it would be your tipical horror movie but it was really really good not at all what i expected it to be..great twist


A little creepy. I might be a bit old for this one. Hey but I loved the Avengers.


Great DVD cover .. movie has to be good!


Fantastic movie. Don't put this one off because of the horror tag. Pulls apart the genre providing a fantastic new take on such a common theme!


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