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After all of the brave talk of ‘razor gangs’, line-by-line reviews, and reducing wasteful spending, only $301 million was saved; meanwhile core government spending is set to increase from $57,997 million in this 2008/09 financial year to $62,362 million next year, and $65,282 million the year after![3]   The tax cuts – and remember that they were already pre-funded by the cutbacks to KiwiSaver and the dropping of the R&D tax credits – were not massive. Just $98 million was needed to fund the tax cuts next year, $494 million in 2011, and $900 million thereafter.[4] If the incentive effects of lower flatter taxes are taken... read full article


The Budget, interesting figures revealed

Some pretty startling figues listed there. What surprises me for example:- 200 agencies run by the government." Rather than a line by "line look at costings, how about an Agency by Agency justification of their existence!! "$158 million appropriated for public broadcasting services – including Television NZ and Radio NZ – or the additional $67 million spent on Maori radio and television services." How has it happened that we now spend almost half of the total on Maori TV? Yet the channel is off air much of the time. Shows overseas programs some of the time? I saw a program in French with English sub-titles on there, why the hell is that? How do they justify that proportionately huge cost for a tiny portion of the population? Don't tell me it was in the Treaty?? Legal aid. A tough one, but we read of Lawyers lodging Appeals which are clearly a waste of time. But as the Taxpayer is paying not the Client, who is there to argue against it? Its just another pig-in-the-trough job. Climate Change, good grief, has that not been killed off yet? Aussie has done it, why not us? Why do we always see the need to lead the world? And go broke in the process?

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