Discussing :: The Belkin Play Max Wireless Router

I’ve become a big fan of Belkin products over the last few years, mainly because of their build quality, style and ease of use. Their latest range of wireless routers only serve to solidify my feelings towards the brand. There are 5 models in the router range (and 4 in the modem router range) so whatever your wireless computing needs are, there will be a model perfect for you. I had the pleasure of trialling the top-end model, the Play Max.The Play Max (and Belkin Routers in general) epitomizes the term ‘plug n play’. Wireless networks can be a nightmare to get your head around if you’re not technologically minded, but the Play Max... read full article


The Belkin Play Max Wireless Router

We have a Belkin Router - fantastic product! I am not really 'up with the play' when it comes to installing computer stuff but had no problems when installing this. Well, just one problem, but Belkin's 0800 support number is very helpful (and yes you can understand them!) Now I can use the laptop anywhere round the house. cool


The Belkin Play Max Wireless Router

Wow - what a fabulous little gadget!! I may just have to get myself one of these babies!!!


The Belkin Play Max Wireless Router

It is really a nice little piece of equipment,awesome


The Belkin Play Max Wireless Router

wireless N.. woohoo way to go :) these babies can hum and I have one on my christmas wish list (attached to the front of the refrigerator so nobody misses it.. lol)


The Belkin Play Max Wireless Router

I have a belkin at the mo but I'm thinking of getting one of these with a new xbox 360 wireless in the near future it'd be sweet not having to have the laptop running all night!


The Belkin Play Max Wireless Router

looks nice and small and easy.


The Belkin Play Max Wireless Router

Sounds like even the technically challenged (like me) would be able to get one of these to work.


The Belkin Play Max Wireless Router

Puts my scungy old (cheap) wireless router to shame... time to start saving!!!


The Belkin Play Max Wireless Router

Hi Ian , total agree what you wrote about Belkin and I am a Belkin fan too. I would recommend to buy a Belkin PlayMax Modem Router ( Belkin F7D4401AU) from Harvey Norman with $270.00. Please note , you should negotiate with sale person and compare other computer shops in Auckland ( Pricespy.co.nz) to get the price above.


The Belkin Play Max Wireless Router

I Got one of these my self not the wireless one but in general they're pretty reliable and worth the expense wayyyyy better then the crap telecom gives you DLink is the worse ever

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