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The awkward moment when your friend's fat arm makes you look naked. Hat tip: Wi Kiwha Joke of the Day, posted everyday on getfrank.co.nz - Click to see the past weeks worth right here... read full article


The awkward moment

hehheehhehe unreal. don't know which girl to feel sorry for!


Massive LOL! Had to look twice but :)


Wow! A double took at that photo like 100 times! Awesome!


Hey but for the friend in front, the black dress is really flattering!


Now that is good photography


Interesting pic although humour shouldn't be at the expense of the subject of this photo.

nice joke Dave!

I hope you are taking the piss cause if you can't have a laugh at yourself and at someone elses (tiger woods, Charlie Sheen etc etc etc)misfortune who can you laugh at.

Party on Dave!


wow that is priceless...!! no wonder people say a picture is worth a thousand words... i can just imagine the poor girl trying to explain to people that she wasnt naked when this picture was taken... lol


I'd probably do her.. the chick's arm that is.. what can i say, it looks hot


Sadly the girls arm has a better body than her. I don't know which girl would feel the most embarassed.


Mint!!! I had to look twice ha ha.

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